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Braza Persian Cuisine

Braza Persian Cuisine
We all fancied going out for dinner, but we couldn't choose between our usual spots so after a lot of umming and ahhing we opted for a complete change, and headed off to Braza Bolton to try out their Persian cuisine (see what I wore here).
JustRach Braza Persian Cuisine
I've been to a Persian restaurant once before so I sort of knew what to expect, but I still had no idea what most of the items on the menu were, thankfully there's a description for each one. I perused over the options while sipping on a lovely glass of crisp rose.
Panir Sabzi
Panir Sabzi Braza
For my starter I chose the Panir Sabzi which contains an array of ingredients including herbs, feta, walnut and olives, served with delicious warm bread. It had the sort of consistency of a potato salad, and though it doesn't look like much it tasted delicious.
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B opted for the Ghormeh Sabzi, which basically translates as "herb stew", I wasn't too big on the herb over load, but B really liked it.
Ghafghazi kebab
Ghafghazi Persian Kebab
For my main I tried the Ghafghazi kebab which had a bit of everything - chicken, lamb, onion and chili. It was really delicious, I love a proper meat kebab on a skewer. B went for the BBQ Koobideh kebab. The saffron buttery rice was the perfect accompaniment to an otherwise very simple dish - yet so filling I couldn't squeeze it all in.
Koobideh Kebab
JustRach ate chilli GIF
Used to eating chillies from the jar since I was a kid, I thought this little beastie would be no match for me. Oh how wrong was I?! That was one fiery chilli!

So while Persian food all looks rather plain, it all tastes really pretty good. 

Have you ever eaten Persian before?

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  1. not a style I've tried looks yummy!

  2. haha I love the gif! I am a massive chillie fan but one does tend to build up resistance which can be lost too.

    p.s I will be posting my replies to the Summer tag later this week :) Thanks for tagging me hun

  3. This food looks delicious! Wish I lived closer so I could try it out! x

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