Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Etsy Lusts #3

JustRach Etsy Lusts
Hello cherubs! Etsy brought us some seriously gorgeous pieces in the last Etsy Lusts, and this week I think I've out done myself. Take a peek!

In light of the pending third film in the Hobbit series, I see nothing more fitting than this excellent handmade Hobbit print skirt from Frockasaurus. This just happens to be one of my favourite book cover designs too! Gorgeous!
Ok enough of the geekery (for now), this is one for all of my fellow Mac girlies. How adorable is this floral Macbook keyboard decal from Kidecals? You know I'm a total sucker for florals, and if you've been around long enough you'll also know about the David Bowie as King Jareth decal I already have stuck to the lid of my laptop. Choosing this one for the lust list was a no brainer ;)

Excuse me for a moment whilst I once more become undeniable nerdy, then take a moment to just look at this fabulous periodic table chopping board from ElysiumWoodworks. If there's one thing I love more than geeky paraphernalia, it's geeky puns - and this board has both those things. I adored Chemistry in school and was pretty savvy at reeling off most of the elements in the table for a while. I originally went to St Andrews to study Chemistry, but after my first year I found love in the psychology module I took on the side and decided to change my major. Chemistry still has a place in my heart, and this chopping board certainly would have a place in my kitchen!

Guys, guys, guys! UNICORN LAMP. It's geometric, which makes it pretty modern, sleek & cool, it's a lamp, which means it would make a brilliant bedside light and for goodness sake it's a unicorn. Need I say more? Oh yeah, it's from SturlesiDesign and they make other animal lamps too!

Geek or not, there's only a small handful of people my age who aren't Harry Potter fans - we grew up and followed the trio through their adventures at the same time as we were having our very own adventures. Shortly after reading the first book I turned 11, and I waited & waited for that letter to Hogwarts to arrive (I'm still waiting!). This time turner necklace is not only gorgeous with the little working sand timer inside and engraving round the edge of the band, but Surprise collection are selling it for just shy of £2. Can't say no!

So what do you think, did I out-do myself this time?
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  1. I absolutely love Etsy and can't stop myself spending hours whiling away my time looking at all the exciting products on there. I'm loving the chopping board and the time turner necklace :)

    Jenny xx

    1. Hi Jenny,

      Thanks for the comment. I'm the same on Etsy, it literally eats hours of my life when I start browsing there's no stopping me! I'd buy everything I came across if I had the budget! X

  2. Oh I do like that chopping board - it pleases both the cook and the scientist in me!

    1. Me too! I think it's going to have to be a treat to myself when we move into our new home x

  3. Necklace is interesting but not too keen on the skirt!

    1. Yeah I don't think I'd ever wear the skirt, but I still think it's gorgeous and I've been in love with Hobbit since I was 11 :)

  4. i like the skirt.


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