Friday, 1 August 2014

Manchester Color Run 2014 #LVLOVELIFE

LVLOVELIFE Manchester Color Run 2014
As you know, last year B and I did the Manchester Color Run and we had a brilliant time - so we were absolutely delighted this year when LV kindly invited us along to take part in the 2014 run. Huge thank you to the team at LV for inviting us and if you'd like to take part in a fun run yourself they've compiled a handy list of the top 5 family fun runs that you can get stuck in to!

This year B and I decided to fundraise for charity alongside doing our run. Save the Children is the sponsored charity for the Color Run 2014. Just qualified as a teacher I'm even more acutely aware of children's needs and it breaks my heart to know there are children out there who don't have a loving, secure and safe environment to grow in. We dedicated our run to all the children who don't get the opportunity to be safe, well fed, looked after and properly educated. You can do your bit on our fundraising page which is only open for a little longer. Even if it's just £1, everything goes towards food, shelter, water and medical care for children in dire need. We'd really love to reach our £100 target. Thank you.
Happy Socks Polka Dot Socks
Yellow Gate Color Run 2014
On the morning of the race I pulled on my Happy Socks* perfect for the occasion, and B joined in too donning his odd socks to match the Color Run tee, then we set off to the Etihad Stadium. When we arrived we took a peek over the fence to see people already starting their race, and jumped into the Dulux tent for a quick snap with the Dulux dog before hitting the start line.
Manchester Color Run 2014 Start Line
It was an absolute beaut of a scorcher of a day, which made the run all the more fun to do. Although I imagine the Color Run is great rain or shine. The run is 5km in total and to make each 1km there's a paint gate. First there was pink, then blue, then yellow, then orange. Not only are you running through a coloured cloud of powder paint, it's also been fired at you from bottles and thrown at you, while you're encouraged to stop, drop and roll! It really is the happiest (and craziest) 5K on the planet!
Manchester Color Run 2014 Pink Powder Paint
Manchester Color Run 2014 Pink Gate
Manchester Color Run 2014 Blue Gate
JustRach Chivalrous Manchester Color Run 2014 Blue Gate
Manchester Color Run 2014 Yellow Gate
Manchester Color Run 2014 Orange Gate
We finished up looking very much like we'd just taken a few too many trips to the tanning salon. Heading through the finish gate we were handed packs of powdered paint for the finish line celebrations. There was a main stage, with a DJ who was playing some brilliant music, perfect on such a sunny day. We bumped into some friends, joined the crowd and got our party on!
JustRach Chivalrous Color Run 2014
Manchester Color Run 2014 Finish Party
JustRach Close up Powder Paint

Manchester Color Run 2014 Paint Party
Manchester Color Run 2014 JustRach Paint Party
JustRach Manchester Color Run 2014 Paint Party
JustRach Manchester Color Run 2014 Etihad
As you can see I was pretty pleased with myself for chucking paint over everyone who was unfortunate lucky enough to be standing around me (but mostly Siobhan!).
JustRach dancing Color Run 2014
We cracked out our best dance moves and grooved away for a little longer before heading home for a well earned wash and rest!

Have you ever taken part in the Color Run or any other fun run?
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  1. that does look like a lot of fun!

    1. It really is worth a go if it's in your area! :) X

  2. That looks so much fun! I wish I could find enough sponsors to be able to make this worth while.

    1. You should go even if you aren't fundraising, it's so much fun! I'm pretty sure a portion of your sign up fee goes to charity too! Definitely not one too miss - plus it's more than acceptable to walk the course - that's my kinda 5K :D x


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