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Mensa Spring Ball 2014 - Great Gatsby Murder Mystery

The fact that I'm a member of Mensa is little known, and it's often something people are quite surprised about. The reason I don't talk about it, isn't because I'm ashamed or embarrassed, but because I don't particularly want it to be seen as a defining feature of my personality. I took the test when I was in the early years of high school, I think I was 12 - though my memory is foggy for a lot of those years. Since then I've been a relatively silent member; ardently awaiting my monthly magazine and enjoying reading articles on a range of topics and hearing about the adventures of other members. It was only this April that I found the time and courage to go along to a Mensa event. Organised by my incredibly talented friend Jade, the Mensa Spring Ball was spectacular for the last two years with themes of burlesque and masquerade and fast became a permanent feature in the Mensan calendar.

"A little party never killed nobody..."

Yeah, you guessed it (ok so the title of the post gives it away!) but this year the theme was Great Gatsby - except that a little party did kill somebody, because it was a murder mystery, of course!

B and I had the BEST time at the ball, with dressing up 20s stylee being the absolute cherry on the top of the fabulous cake. We met so many amazing and interesting people, made new friends, had fantastic conversations and Charleston'ed the night away. I cannot wait for next years ball!

I'm just going to go ahead and let you enjoy the photos now!
Mensa Spring Ball 2014 Great Gatsby Murder Mystery
JustRach 1920s Great Gatsby Fancy Dress
Carey Mulligan Gatsby Head Piece
1920s Fancy Dress Great Gatsby
Great Gatsby Fancy Dress 1920s
Unique Vintage Ivory Beaded Flapper Dress
I fell absolutely head over heels in love with this gorgeous ivory flapper dress from Unique Vintage, which has the most amazing selection of dresses to choose from, from any era you could want. The dress was a little pricey, but in my opinion well worth it. It was incredible quality - quite heavy with all of the beautiful beads stitched on - but the way it swished when I danced and moved was pure perfection. I like to do fancy dress properly, and I felt a million dollars in my 1920s get up. As with most proper flapper dresses, it was see through, so I purchased a simple white slip from BHS for underneath the dress.
Unique Vintage Beaded Flapper Dress
Daisy Buchanan Gatsby Head Piece
Daisy Buchanan Great Gatsby Head Piece
This absolutely beautiful head-piece is a pretty amazing replica of the one that Daisy Buchanan wears at the big party in the recent Great Gatsby film. I picked it up on Etsy.
My stunning matchy shoes are from Dune. I was so over the moon to find the perfect shoe I was looking for! I'll definitely wear them again too, they're comfortable and classic pair of shoes that I'm sure I'll cherish for years to come.
1920s chignon updo Scarlet Hair Studio
Scarlet Hair Studio 1920s chignon updo
I had my amazing hair-do done by my hairdresser Laura. Laura is crazy talented, and I'm so impressed with what she managed with my hair. As you all know its super long and it was really difficult to work with because it's so soft. Laura put together a fantastic chignon style up-do complete with 1920s finger waves at the front, which allowed my headpiece to slide perfectly into place. If you're ever in the area pop along to Scarlet Hair Studio, they're just fantastic. I did my own eye-makeup, which I'm really flippin' proud of. I'd never even attempted a smokey eye before this and I think I did a pretty good job, if I do say so myself!
JustRach Raddison Blu Edwardian Bloomsbury
JustRach Chivalrous Gatsby Fancy Dress
Literato Gatsby Cufflinks
These fab Gastby cufflinks B was sporting were made by none other than the man himself. You can pick up a pair, as well as a tonne of other amazing literature inspired goodies from his shop Literato.
Mensa Spring Ball 2014
The wonderful Jade, event planner extraordinaire!
Gatsby Ball dancing
Gatsby Ball meal
Chivalrous JustRach Gatsby 1920s themed fancy dress mensa ball
My next excuse to dress up (I'll take any!) is coming very soon - September, in fact. It's my sailing club's autumn social and the theme is Western (cowboys and indians), so I'm planning to go as Pocahontas... watch this space!

So, what do you think cherubs? Did we do the 1920s proud?

I'd love your comments and thoughts below, or: @justrachblog // justrachblog@gmail.com

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