Sunday, 5 October 2014

Absence makes the heart grow fonder...

Hello cherubs! It's been an awful long while... almost two months to be exact! (Oh my goodness!)

Settling into my new home (expect home decor and DIY updates galore from B and I over at From the Lark's Nest) and new job has been busy and hectic but things are finally starting to calm and I'm finding time in my schedule to take some moments to relax.

I've been sipping on wines, drinking too much tea, reading books and generally just doing a lot of the things that I've put off in favour of blogging in the past - and I feel flipping great for it.

Now that I've allowed myself some indulgent time to find "me" again, I know I've got a little spare hour here and there to pick JustRach up where we left off.

I've got an untouched inbox with nearly 300 emails and an incredibly shameful back-log of posts but I'm going to take it slow and catch up as and when I can.

Posting is likely to resume on a bi-weekly basis (much more manageable for me) which means that hopefully blogging will go back to being a relaxing hobby and be much less of the stress-filled chore it was starting to become. You can also expect to see weekly posts on FTLN, either from B or myself, and I will be sending out my newsletter once a month (you can sign up in my sidebar to get all the juicy goodness delivered straight to your inbox so you never miss a treat!)

For now it's safe to say that I'm back and I've missed you. I'm looking forward to lots of rainy October fun!

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  1. Love that floral blazer in your photo here!

  2. Glad that you're back on the scene! x


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