Saturday, 4 October 2014

Strawberry Lambrini - Summer in a Bottle

New Lambrini Strawberry perfect summer drink
As soon as I was qualified as a teacher, savouring the summer became more important than ever. Of course, like anyone in my profession we also love a good glass or two (though shh, I didn't tell you that!) to help us wind down after a day of bouncing around being the happiest person the kids know.

A huge rose fan usually, over the holidays I found myself reaching for the summery, fruity blends that were little lighter and sweeter. Naturally, I was very excited when Lambrini got in touch with me to try their brand new flavour of drink - and what could be more perfect for keeping summer alive than strawberry?!
Strawberry Lambrini
New Strawberry Lambrini
Lambrini Strawberry
Even though it's October and it's starting to look more and more like winter is coming every day - if you're like me and you're holding on to that last little bit of summer (still wearing dresses to work with bare legs!) then this is the perfect drink for you!

Are you a Lambrini fan? Do you think there's a better summer flavour than strawberry?

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