Monday, 27 April 2015

Countdown to Ibiza: H&M Holiday Wishlist

H&M Holiday Wishlsit
Pink Floral (top) (bottoms)
White Scalloped (top) (bottoms)
Blue Floral (top) (bottoms)
Straw Hat
Patterend Sarong
In just over a month I will be jumping on a plane and jetting off to sunny Ibiza (cue VengaBoys song) for a long overdue and well earned bit of r&r! It was a bit of an impulsive book so I've got right on with holiday shopping in earnest! There are so many totally gorgeous bikinis and some really beautiful beachwear  out there and to help me with that all important decision making process I've put a little wish-list together of my top picks from H&M.

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  1. The blue and white bikini is stunning! So jealous that you are heading to Ibiza (and summer) while I am heading in to winter over here.

    XoXo One Stiletto At A Time

    1. I ended up sending them all back because they're too small :( but I've found plenty other gorgeous ones. I am so desperate for some sun! X


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